Collection: telescope

Explore the magical world with ultimate vision! We are proud to present a 300x high-definition digital high-magnification telescope, equipped with a 4K2K photosensitive chip, which can activate the AF autofocus function even during video shooting, achieving seamless automatic focusing and improving video focus tracking capabilities. This means you can easily record stunning videos that capture every detail. By connecting to iOS and Android phones via Wi-Fi, you can easily take photos and videos. With an astonishing 3,000-meter shooting distance, even distant scenery can be clearly seen. This telescope is suitable for a variety of activities, including sports competitions, camping, bird watching, field search and rescue, building inspections, security searches, stargazing, star chasing and amateur photography, etc. Comes with a handheld suitcase for easy portability. Open the door to your horizons and explore the unknown beauty!