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House inspector professional set wall detector + laser range finder + infrared thermal imager laser level (BI-LDW-P00)

House inspector professional set wall detector + laser range finder + infrared thermal imager laser level (BI-LDW-P00)

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Home inspection is more convenient without having to ask for help. A set of fully functional home inspection equipment that meets the needs of the industry.

The best tool for popular house inspections - wall detector + laser range finder + infrared thermal imager + laser level

A house inspection tool that can meet many needs

For the most frequently carried out inspections at the house inspection site, wall detection, distance measurement, thermal imaging, and level measurement are all available at once, easy to carry and easy to operate. Through digital inspection, you can effectively understand the condition of your house and make it easy for you to inspect your house.

The three instruments each show their unique abilities. Whether you are a professional engineer, a housing agent, or a builder, as long as you have a need to inspect a house, you can take the instrument with you and make the inspection very convenient.

House inspection tools-wall detector + laser range finder + infrared thermal imager + laser level

Magic weapon 1 ~ " Wall detector + laser range finder "

The wall detector allows you to avoid wires and steel bars, so you don’t have to worry about drilling the wrong holes when decorating!

Accurate and precise measurement allows you to safely avoid dangerous areas during drilling operations. It supports buzzer alarms and will not miss any tiny foreign objects. It can detect various common foreign objects in the wall. According to the usage needs, the object detection items can be switched - wood, ferrous metals (such as nails, steel bars), non-ferrous metals (copper) , aluminum, silver, etc.) and live wires and other material detection.

Laser range finder makes measuring dimensions more convenient. Accurate calculation, continuous measurement, additive measurement and subtractive measurement. Automatically stores 30 pieces of measurement data. There is no need to remember the measurement process. The host will help you remember it and no measurement data will be missed.

Magic weapon 2 ~ " Infrared thermal imaging camera "

Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, it won the gold medal and double gold medal in the British Bis Invention Award. Assists in detecting hot and cold image abnormalities, such as water leakage detection, circuit board abnormalities, etc. Through temperature difference development, problem points can be found. Equipped with high and low temperature tracking and high temperature alarm modes, the screen can be synchronized with the mobile phone through the APP, making fixed-point observation more convenient.

Magic weapon 3 ~ " Green light cross laser level "

Cross-hair mode, green laser with better visibility + smart pendulum help you conduct structural level inspection more efficiently. It is the most convenient visual aid instrument and is suitable for installation and construction, such as construction, carpentry, electrician, magnetic field Brick, floor, door and window installation, hanging inspection...etc.

Multiple usage methods to meet different needs on construction sites. The magnet design on the back and the bottom can be connected to a tripod, which can be magnetically attracted or erected to meet the needs of different environments.

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