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Dual-purpose crystal unloading screwdriver set (FM5014125)

Dual-purpose crystal unloading screwdriver set (FM5014125)

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product description

The replaceable dual-purpose crystal screwdriver uses a professional-grade unloading screwdriver, which has strong torque and is ultra-durable. The double-headed screwdriver is equipped with a cross and a slotted screwdriver, so you don't need to prepare two screwdrivers, just one can do the job, making it easy to replace without trouble. The imported ACETATE crystal handle is beautiful and does not fade.

feature of product:

  • High-grade impact resistance, imported ACETATE crystal handle, never deteriorate or discolor
  • Chrome vanadium steel unloading screwdriver with extra strong torque and easy to replace
  • Sleeve aluminum tube, will not rust

    Product specifications:

    Product number Specification
    FM5014065 L:65mm/ 6mm / #2
    FM5014125 L:125mm/ 6mm/ #2


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