Collection: Voltage and current detector

Voltage and current detectors include three-purpose ammeters, AC and DC meters, current hook-up meters, voltage detectors, and insulation high-resistance meters, becoming indispensable assistants in your work. There are also AC and DC voltage detectors to ensure accurate measurements under various electrical conditions. Electroscopes and electroscope pens are your effective partners when repairing and testing circuits, providing safe and rapid voltage detection. In addition, it is equipped with a soft current sensor, which makes the measurement more flexible and convenient, and can cope with various scenarios effortlessly. The P2000 DC high-voltage probe is one of the highlights of this series. It is used for DC measurements in high-voltage environments, providing a reliable and safe operating experience. Accurate, safe and flexible, our range of three-way electric meters has everything you need in a measuring tool and is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike.