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Rotating color precision hex socket driver (FM54-H30060A)

Rotating color precision hex socket driver (FM54-H30060A)

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  • Precision hex socket driver made in Taiwan, made of chromium vanadium steel, with extra strong torque
  • Strong grip design, ergonomic and comfortable to hold
  • The crown is designed with a large swivel base
  • The handle body is designed with PA (Nylon) + TPR two-color structure, which is weather-resistant, acid and alkali resistant
  • Suitable for maintenance of communications, computers, automobile motors, office machines and other products
  • Suitable for both DIY and professional use

    Product specifications:

    Product number Specification
    FM54-H30060A 3.0 x 158 mm champagne
    FM54-H35060A 3.5 x 158 mm green
    FM54-H40060A 4.0 x 158 mm gold
    FM54-H45060A 4.5 x 158 mm red
    FM54-H50060A 5.0 x 158 mm purple
    FM54-H55060A 5.5 x 158 mm blue
    FM54-H60060A 6.0 x 158 mm black

    ※ FM54-H35060A 3.5x60mm is suitable for repairing endoscope reel parts

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