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Professional Grade American Flag Slotted Screwdriver (FM56-10753)

Professional Grade American Flag Slotted Screwdriver (FM56-10753)

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Made in Taiwan, a high-quality professional-grade American flag slotted screwdriver (screwdriver/screwdriver/screwdriver) for export is a hand tool used to tighten or loosen screws.

feature of product:

  • Professional grade American flag slotted screwdriver (screwdriver, screwdriver, screwdriver, slotted screwdriver)
  • SVCM+V special alloy steel screwdriver bit
  • American flag + gourd-shaped handle makes your vision and grip more comfortable
  • The screwdriver head is magnetic, making it easier to absorb screws American Flag Patented DesignPP+TPV handle, impact resistant and comfortable to holdSVCM+V special alloy steel head

    Product specifications:

    Product number Screwdriver length (excluding handle) Specification Material
    FM56-10753 75mm 3.0 SVCM+V, handle: PP+TPV
    FM56-11005 100mm 5.0
    FM56-11006 100mm 6.0
    FM56-11506 150mm 6.0


    • Taiwan
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