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Ratchet Cable Cutter (FM908520)

Ratchet Cable Cutter (FM908520)

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  • Ratchet type cable cutter, ratchet progressive type, saves effort, fast, and safe to cut cables up to 500mm 2
  • Ratchet-type cable cutter, CR-MO chromolybdenum steel blade has been specially ground to make it sharp and durable
  • Ratcheting cable pliers, replaceable blade design, handle steel plate is heat treated and does not deform
  • The ratchet cable cutter can cut wires and cables with a diameter of less than 52mm, and can cut cross-connected PE wires and cables, PEX or XLPE cables.
  • Cutting ability:
    • IV CV 500 Single Center Ø35
    • 600V CV 500 single core Ø38
    • 3KV CV 150 x 3 Ø46
    • 6KV CV 100x3 Ø52

Product specifications:

  • Scope of application: 500mm 2
  • Overall length: 400mm
  • Total weight: 1600g


  • Do not use ACSR iron wire, hard copper wire, etc.
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