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European cross insulated screwdriver (FM57-21002)

European cross insulated screwdriver (FM57-21002)

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product description

Generally, screwdrivers do not have insulation design. For example, during high-voltage construction, fingers may accidentally touch the screw and get an electric shock. The handle of the insulated screwdriver is made of special high-insulation material, which has extremely high insulation and can protect workers from electric shock during construction.

feature of product:

  • European style insulated screwdriver (electrician insulated screwdriver, insulated screwdriver, insulated screwdriver)
  • The screwdriver is covered with an insulating rubber sleeve and has a voltage resistance of 1000V, providing protection against electric shock. It is an essential tool for electrical appliance maintenance and improves safety maintenance.
  • The screwdriver is made of SVCM+V special alloy, which is super hard and wear-resistant.
  • Ergonomic handle design with high torque can reduce hand fatigue when working for long periods of time
  • The handle is made of PP and TPV, which is resistant to chemicals, oil stains and impact, and has a non-slip grip that is super comfortable. Covered with insulating rubber sleeve to protect against electric shockThe screwdriver head is made of SVCM+V special alloy, which is hard and wear-resistant.PP+TPV material grip, resistant to chemicals and oil stains

    Product specifications:

    • Cross #2 x 100mm (driver length, excluding handle)
    • Comply with GS, VDE international standards
    • Made in Taiwan
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