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Short lens turnable endoscope two-way swing head endoscope (PST-HG-R2)

Short lens turnable endoscope two-way swing head endoscope (PST-HG-R2)

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The short lens can enter small spaces and has the feature of two-way swinging head, making it convenient for you to carry out precise inspection and repair work. Whether it's plumbing, air conditioning, auto repair, mechanical repair or home inspection, short lens turnable endoscopes can meet your needs. The two-way swing-head endoscope helps you perform inspection and repair work quickly and accurately, improving your work efficiency.

The short lens can be turned to the endoscope, and the head can be swung 180° in both directions. The snake tube can be rotated 360° , and there is no dead angle for detection. Megapixels and a high-definition 5-inch large screen provide ultra-clear images; IP67 waterproof design, 4x magnification, 6-level brightness adjustment, and a bracket hook that can easily pass through narrow curved gaps and find blind spots. 

feature of product:

  • The swing radius of the lens is only 3 centimeters, making it easy to corner, and can easily pass through narrow bends and find blind spots.
  • 720P HD ultra-clear image quality
  • The lens can be swung 180° in both directions
  • The snake tube can rotate 360°
  • Dual-purpose operation, manual buttons and touch screen, simple and easy to use
  • The snake tube is a stainless steel multi-layer braided tube, which is strong and durable.
  • Megapixels and high-definition 5-inch large screen, super clear images
  • Ultra-high brightness LED light, 6 levels of brightness adjustable
  • One-click dimming button to adjust the exposure and exposure time to eliminate the exposure phenomenon caused by the LED light source and ensure a clearer picture.
  • 4x magnification
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • 18650 2600mAh battery, fully charged for 4 hours
  • Over-temperature alarm, when the detected area exceeds 65℃, the machine will shut down
  • The bracket hook design can be hung in a suitable position without taking up space.

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