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Economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen made in Taiwan (PST-2416-M)

Economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen made in Taiwan (PST-2416-M)

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Explore the mysteries of the world of mechanical parts! Economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen brings you an excellent visual experience. With the excellent performance of industrial endoscopes, you can easily carry out automobile and motorcycle maintenance inspections, mechanical parts inspection and repair work. Whether in a small space or a complex mechanical environment, the economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen can provide clear and precise images to help you complete various challenges.

In the past, it was necessary to judge whether the drilled hole was smooth and smooth? Are the pipe welds perfect? Does the car engine have carbon deposits? Is there something wrong inside the tool machine? Is the mold scratched? Are the drilled holes in the mold smooth and without cracks? Are there foreign objects, impurities or dirt present? In the past, we could only guess or use destructive methods to deal with issues such as whether the circuit board is broken or not, such as sawing, cutting or knocking, which is both time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Now with the economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen, you can quickly observe and inspect without damaging the object, making your work more efficient and helping you save time and manpower.

The economical industrial endoscope has CE/FCC certification and is equipped with an 8-inch screen and is very convenient to use. It is suitable for a variety of purposes, such as precision instrument testing, mold inspection, mechanical maintenance, quality control inspection and other fields.

feature of product:

  • 300,000 pixels (real pixels, not ordinary simulated pixels), ultra-clear images
  • 5.5mm CMOS lens: You can easily enter a small working space to inspect the situation, making maintenance easier.
  • Dust-proof and water-repellent lens: The entire lens is dust-proof and waterproof up to IP66, so it can be used in any harsh environment.
  • Internal view cobra tube length: with 1M length coil tube, it is more convenient to extend the field of view
  • CE/FCC certification
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Usage:

  • Home repair: decoration, water and electricity pipes, air conditioning, etc.
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance: printers, molds, lathes, excavators, bulldozers and large machinery, etc.
  • Quality control: incoming material inspection, finished product shipping inspection
  • Factory production line: inspection of process items, confirmation of wafer process, repair of defective circuit boards
  • Engineering/R&D: Engineering record reports, problem analysis record reports, communication with customer products

Economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen snake tube endoscope mechanical parts inspection

Economical Industrial Endoscope Optional 45 Degree Refractor/Side View Mirror

Product specifications:

Function Specification
lens coil
lens CMOS
Resolution 640 x 480
Lens diameter 5.5mm
Snake length 1M
S/N ratio 42db
Viewing angle 67°
focal length 2-7cm
power supply DC5V
Adapter RCA + DC socket
Applicable working temperature -10~60℃
Dustproof and waterproof IP67
LED light source 6 ultra-white LEDs
8-inch LCD screen
power consumption DC12V - 400A (maximum)
power supply Input: AC100 ~ 240V; 50 / 60Hz
Output: DC12V 1A
size 8 inches
Compared 4:3
Resolution 800 (H) x 600 (V) pixels
Visible range 162 (W) x 121.5 (H) mm
video angle 130° (H) x 115° (V)
brightness 250cd/m2
Compared 400:1
Reaction time 12ms
video input 1Vp-pCBS
VGA input 640x480/60Hz, 800x600/Hz, 1024x768/Hz
operating temperature 0-40℃


  1. Economical industrial endoscope + 8-inch screen cannot record video or take photos.
  2. The economical industrial endoscope is not portable and needs to be plugged in for use.
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