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Tin shears (FM904101)

Tin shears (FM904101)

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  • Chrome vanadium steel alloy steel casting, can cut iron sheets
  • High-frequency heat treatment on the knife edge, tough texture and high durability
  • The blade is designed to automatically pop open. Press the handle and the latch will pop open immediately.
  • Maximum cutting capacity: pig iron 1.0-1.2mm thickness

Scope of application:

鐵皮剪 / 鐵皮鉗 可裁剪1.2mm鐵皮 直用 左用 右用

  • The iron sheet can be cut to a maximum thickness of 1.2mm
  • Branches can be pruned to a maximum diameter of 8mm
  • Can cut metal sheets and roof veneers up to 1.2mm
  • Can be cut into circles


Product number use Specification
FM904101 Direct use 10" (250mm)
FM904102 left-hand 10" (250mm)
FM904103 Right use 10" (250mm)
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