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Anti-cut, wear-resistant and impact-resistant gloves (J-GAI05)

Anti-cut, wear-resistant and impact-resistant gloves (J-GAI05)

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  • 18-gauge knitted nylon + metal braided wire, excellent comfort and sensitivity
  • Excellent anti-impact, anti-cut, anti-slip and wear-resistant capabilities
  • Metal braided anti-cut gloves, more flexible hand protection
  • Excellent TPR thermoplastic rubber impact protection system on the back of the hand, with high resilience to eliminate large-area impacts
  • Palm padding protects hands from repeated impacts and helps absorb shock
  • NBR nitrile rubber coating improves wear resistance and provides excellent grip in wet conditions
  • Devil's felt design makes the cuffs more secure to wear
  • Washable, not easy to wrinkle or shrink after washing
  • Durable, high density, will not be punctured immediately, good protection
  • Excellent wear resistance and cut resistance, passed ANSI A5 and EN388 4X42E level cut resistance certification
  • Suitable for petroleum industry, machinery, chemical industry, mining industry and heavy industry, trawlers, metal industry, general work, maintenance, construction, engineering, piping, assembly industry, automobile manufacturing, packaging, electronics, glass industry, handling of sharp parts, etc. .

product material:

  • Metal Fabric
  • PolyethylenePolyethylene
  • NylonNylon
  • Nitrile rubber NBR



  • South Korea
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