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345ml professional double-liquid iron glue gun glue gun caulking syringe made in Taiwan (DS00005)

345ml professional double-liquid iron glue gun glue gun caulking syringe made in Taiwan (DS00005)

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  • Professional double-liquid iron glue gun made in Taiwan (professional two-liquid glue glue gun, professional two-liquid glue glue syringe, professional double-liquid glue glue gun for glue glue)
  • Two-liquid type iron professional glue implanting injection gun with long service life
  • The labor-saving design of the spring mechanism of the reinforcement gun makes construction effortless.
  • The reinforcement syringe strengthens the structure, is easy to operate, and can be constructed by yourself
  • Special caulking injection gun for tendon implantation, with stable push volume and easy control of injection flow

Product specifications:

  • Injectable capacity: 345ml
  • Reinforcement glue mixing ratio: 1:10

Introduction to use:

  1. Put the reinforcement glue (injectable chemical adhesive) into the special reinforcement glue gun, slowly pull the trigger, and discharge the thinner glue from the mouth of the platinum bag and discard it.
  2. Insert the spiral mixing nozzle into the bottom of the hole. If the length is not enough, use a plastic tube to extend it.
  3. Pull the trigger, move the trigger hole once, and move the syringe back once to discharge the air in the hole.
  4. In order to make the hole full of glue after the steel bar is implanted and prevent the glue from flowing out, the hole should be filled with glue up to 80%. The steel bar should be planted immediately after the hole is filled with glue.

Use with reinforcement glue:
Made in Taiwan Mungo 4300 reinforcement glue

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