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11-inch powerful C-type universal pliers (FM901011(C))

11-inch powerful C-type universal pliers (FM901011(C))

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  • Powerful C-shaped universal pliers made in Taiwan
  • The handle body is made of Cr-Mo chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, which will not crack or deform.
  • The C-type clamp arm is made of Cr-V special chromium-vanadium alloy steel, which has extremely strong clamping force and will not crack.
  • The tail joint is fully welded, which will not crack and is more durable.
  • Release plate plus plastic sleeve
  • Professional craftsman's tool, convenient for fixing various objects, clamping firmly for better construction

    product material:

    • Handle body: Cr-Mo chromium molybdenum alloy steel
    • C-type clamp arm: Cr-V chromium vanadium alloy steel

    Product specifications:

    Product number Specification Maximum jaw opening Maximum clamping range The deepest jaws
    FM901011(C) 11"(279mm) 12.5" (315mm) 98mm 84mm
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