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25 degree angle rimless ratchet box wrench (FM821012N)

25 degree angle rimless ratchet box wrench (FM821012N)

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  • 25 degree angle rimless ratchet torx wrench made in Taiwan (rimless torx ratchet wrench, two-way ratchet torx wrench)
  • Boundless ratchet box wrench, head bevel angle 25°, fast and labor-saving
  • Torx ratchet wrench, rimless design, suitable for any narrow space, especially when ordinary wrenches cannot be used
  • 25 degree angle rimless mirror ratchet torx wrench, medium carbon steel plate + CR-V chromium vanadium alloy steel ratchet shaft, super hard and durable
  • Boundless torx ratchet wrench, alloy steel baffle, double the torque and more durable

    product material:

    • Body: medium carbon steel plate
    • Ratchet shaft: chromium vanadium steel


    • Taiwan
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