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Cut A7 anti-cut and anti-slip touch gloves (J-GCOOA7)

Cut A7 anti-cut and anti-slip touch gloves (J-GCOOA7)

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ANSI Level A7 and EN388 cut resistance, the highest level, Cut A7 anti-cut and non-slip touch gloves protect hands from cuts.

The best-selling Cut A7 anti-cut and anti-slip touch gloves in Japan and South Korea comply with the highest protection level of European EN388 industrial gloves and ANSI A7 anti-cut gloves. They have anti-slip, wear-resistant and touch functions, and are suitable for meat processing, heavy glass and bottle movement. , plumbing equipment, and the best partner for hand protection when moving heavy metal plates.

feature of product:

  • Cut A7 anti-cut and non-slip touch gloves, metal woven anti-cut gloves, light and non-slip, more flexible hand protection
  • Sensitive touch sensor function, you can slide your phone while working without taking off your gloves
  • Resistant to water washing and oil stains, not easy to wrinkle or shrink after washing
  • Durable, high density, will not be punctured immediately, good protection
  • Comfortable and breathable, comfortable to wear
  • Excellent resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion

product material:

  • Metal Fabric
  • Polyester fiberPolyethylene
  • Resistant man-made fiber Spadex
  • NylonNylon
  • Nitrile rubber


  • South Korea

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