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JIP25240 gas pipeline foam leak detection agent (DJ-25240-345)

JIP25240 gas pipeline foam leak detection agent (DJ-25240-345)

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  • Original imported from ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD., JIP25240 gas pipeline foam leak detector, gas/cold coal leak detector
  • Spray leak detector can quickly detect air leaks with just one spray
  • If gas leaks out, foam will be generated as soon as it is sprayed. It is easy to detect small air leaks and leaks. Leak detection
  • Reacts to tiny gases and bubbles at any time
  • Foaming leak test (JIS-Z2329): For 30 micron holes, foaming with a differential pressure of 4~5x103Pa
  • The leak detection agent is a colorless and transparent liquid, which is non-flammable and will not cause danger due to chemical reactions.
  • The leak detector will not affect the environment or human skin health; paint, rubber, and plastic surfaces will not be affected either.
  • Suitable for oil pipelines, gas, refrigerant, pressure pipelines, welded joints, clutch compressors, automobile and motorcycle tires, braking systems, etc.

Scope of application:

  • The discovery of gas leakage at the joints of various gas equipment piping systems
  • Detection of refrigerant leakage at piping joints of air-conditioning refrigerators and other machines
  • Detection of air leakage at piping joints in air compressors, pressure vessels, air conditioners, etc.
  • Searching for leaks in tires and braking systems of cars, motorcycles and trucks
  • Household gas, liquefied petroleum gas leakage search

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 351g

Different from the general soap bubble test:

  • Our company's leak detection agent is a high-pressure water-soluble liquid, which is a mist spray that spreads evenly and has a large surface tension. When the pipeline leaks, it will immediately generate bubbles, making it easy to find the leak. Compared with ordinary soap bubbles, it is easier to detect, improves work efficiency and saves time.

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