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NiTex breathable thermal gloves (J-GCOOP)

NiTex breathable thermal gloves (J-GCOOP)

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Specially made gloves with thick bristles can not only protect your hands in winter, but can also be used for other tasks, such as cycling, driving, carrying, fishing, mountain climbing and various leisure activities. They are elastically designed and not tight. They are the best way to keep out the cold, prevent slipping and keep warm in winter. Best choice.

The cold-proof gloves use nitrile rubber coating to fit the outer layer of the gloves. They have fine workmanship, clear coating lines, strong adhesion, and good anti-slip effect.

Thermal anti-slip gloves have good breathability, strong anti-slip (anti-slip) function, strong grip, thick bristles, comfortable wearing, and more efficient for work and leisure use.

※ Please note: Breathable thermal gloves (cold-proof gloves) are breathable gloves, not waterproof gloves. If they come into contact with water, they will absorb moisture.

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