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P-200 thickened anti-slip gloves (J-GF001-BK)

P-200 thickened anti-slip gloves (J-GF001-BK)

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The best-selling P-200 thickened anti-slip gloves in Japan and South Korea have good air permeability, are wear-resistant and anti-slip work gloves, have strong anti-slip (anti-slip) function, are oil-resistant, wear-resistant, stretch-resistant, and have strong grip.

Thickened anti-slip and wear-resistant gloves are suitable for professional and home use. They can be used in any workplace where anti-slip and hand protection are required, especially for pipeline work, warehousing personnel, construction personnel, freight personnel, refrigeration and air-conditioning construction and those who need to work in Hand tools can be used for maintenance work in an oil-resistant environment. It can also be used for outdoor cycling, gardening, handicrafts, fishing, military survival, mountain climbing and river tracing.

Highly elastic and resistant to pulling
Thickened anti-slip and wear-resistant gloves are made of three major man-made fibers + nitrile rubber. They are super elastic and can quickly return to their original length after being released, making them more durable.

High wear resistance and good anti-slip/anti-slip effect
All four materials have wear-resistant properties. The anti-slip surface of the anti-slip gloves is made of foamed NBR nitrile rubber and is thermoplastically bonded. The anti-slip (anti-slip) wear resistance is high and cannot be compared with ordinary coatings or smearing coatings. The nitrile rubber thermoplastic lamination layer can completely cover the palm, with good anti-slip effect and stronger grip.

Breathable non-slip work gloves are made of three major man-made fibers, woven in an optimal proportion, making them comfortable and breathable.

Comfort and flexibility
Thick non-slip and wear-resistant gloves that are best-selling in Japan and South Korea. The gloves have a moderate thickness, which improves the shortcomings of gloves on the market that are too thin and lack protection and are too thick and difficult to grasp. The gloves fit snugly on the hands and can fit tightly into the palms. They have good hand protection and can work more flexibly and smoothly.

Washable and oil-resistant
The polyester fiber material of the thickened non-slip and wear-resistant gloves has high strength and is not easy to break. It is quick-drying and washable. It is not easy to wrinkle or shrink after washing. Nitrile rubber has good resistance to mineral oil, vegetable oil, benzene, gasoline, common dilute acids and alkalis.

Anti-slip and wear-resistant gloves are not limited to use in dry environments. After the gloves are wet and wrung out, they still maintain excellent grip even in oily working environments. The dense nitrile rubber thermoplastic laminating layer has high density, will not be punctured immediately, and has good protection.


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