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PT-200 touchable gloves (J-GTC01)

PT-200 touchable gloves (J-GTC01)

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PT-200 touch-control gloves made in Korea are touch-control anti-slip gloves with good breathability, excellent anti-slip and anti-slip effects, and can touch mobile phones and tablets. Sensitive touch, resistant to oil stains, wear and tear, and strong grip. PT-200 touch-resistant anti-slip gloves can be used in any workplace where anti-slip and hand protection are required, especially for pipeline work, warehousing personnel, construction personnel, freight personnel, refrigeration and air-conditioning construction and the use of hand tools in oil-resistant environments. It can be used for maintenance work, etc. It can also be used for outdoor cycling, gardening, handicrafts, fishing, military survival, mountain climbing and river tracing, etc.

product material:

  • Spandex (elastic man-made fiber)
  • Polyester(polyester fiber)
  • Nylon(nylon)
  • NBR (nitrile rubber)
  • Conductive Yarn(conductive yarn)

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