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Woodpecker four-groove three-edged rebar drill bit (AAP-05816)

Woodpecker four-groove three-edged rebar drill bit (AAP-05816)

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The Woodpecker four-groove, three-edged drill bit can drill steel bars. It has a reinforced concrete drill tail that can pass through steel bars. The tungsten steel alloy bit is hard and impact-resistant. It is indestructible and can still pass through steel bars. It is a hammer drill bit suitable for use with the force-free 4-groove hammer drill.

feature of product:

  • Suitable for drilling steel bars in cement concrete
  • Super-hard embedded tungsten alloy cutter head is made of hard material, which can maximize drilling speed and wear resistance.
  • Rapid chip discharge groove can quickly discharge cement debris
  • The one-piece alloy cutter head design can be automatically positioned and has three main cutting edges, making it easier to crush concrete.
  • Suitable for drilling operations of various materials, eliminating the trouble of replacing drill tails
  • Suitable for use with no-output 4-groove hammer drill
  • The four-groove and three-edged cement drill tail can still pass through steel bars (steel bars below 16mm)

※ 5.8mm is a double-groove design with four grooves and three edges that can drill steel bars and can be used in the 5.8mm drill and lock set.

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