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German four-groove cement drill bit (AA14316-D)

German four-groove cement drill bit (AA14316-D)

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  • German four ditch cement drill bit, four ditch cement drill tail
  • It adopts super-hard alloy cutter head and is connected by hot brazing. The material is hard, impact-resistant and has low wear rate.
  • U-shaped groove design facilitates chip removal
  • Carbide cutter head, most suitable for use with no-output four-groove hammer drill

Product specifications:

Product number diameter total length Effective length
AA06516-D 6.5mm 160mm 100 mm
AA14316-D 14.3mm 160mm 100 mm
AA20030-D 20mm 300mm 240mm


  • Before drilling a deep hole, you must pre-drill a shorter intermediate length hole of the same specification. The drill bit needs to be withdrawn every 10 seconds to allow for heat dissipation.
  • When drilling, it is necessary to maintain a stable pressure and frequently remove the drill bit from the drill hole to remove debris. Use a slow speed to drill harder materials to extend the life of the drill bit.
  • It is recommended to use a 4kg hammer drill for drilling in B50 cement concrete
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