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Hexagonal shaft cobalt drill bit (AF002032)

Hexagonal shaft cobalt drill bit (AF002032)

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  • Japanese material hexagonal shaft drill bits for white iron (hexagonal shaft cobalt drill bits, hexagonal cobalt drill bits, stainless steel drill bits, stainless steel drill bits, cobalt-containing ironwork drill bits, hexagonal shaft white iron drill bits)
  • High-speed HSS alloy steel containing cobalt element made of six-head shank stainless steel drill bit
  • Hexagonal shank double groove design cobalt ironworking drill bit
  • Suitable for quick replacement joints and general electric drill chucks
  • Hexagonal shaft cobalt-containing drill bits suitable for drilling operations in ironwork, plastics, stainless steel, metal, and wood
  • Suitable for 2-point electric drills or tapping machines and screwdrivers using double-groove hexagonal cobalt-containing drill bits

Product specifications:

model diameter total length
AF002032 3.2mm(1/8") 88mm
AF002040 4.0mm(5/32") 100mm
AF002045 4.5mm 97mm
AF002050 5.0mm(3/16") 110mm
AF002065 6.5mm(1/4") 127mm
AF002080 8.0mm(5/16") 115mm
AF002095 9.5mm(3/8") 122mm


  • Taiwan
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