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Woodpecker hexagonal shaft double groove cement drill tail (AF013-2040)

Woodpecker hexagonal shaft double groove cement drill tail (AF013-2040)

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Woodpecker series hexagonal shaft double groove cement drill tail. The double groove design is suitable for various models of 1/4" (6.35mm) impact driver or general electric drill chuck. It can be used for drilling holes in cement, bricks, tiles, and metal sheets. .

feature of product:

  • Hexagonal shaft double groove cement drill tail, 1/4" (6.35mm) hexagonal shank double groove design, suitable for quick replacement joints of various sizes or general electric drill chucks
  • Hexagonal shaft double-groove cement drill tail, impact-resistant and not prone to distortion and deformation
  • Double groove hexagonal shank cement drill bit, anti-wear, long life
  • Suitable for use with impact driver (tapping machine)
  • Suitable for cement, bricks, tiles, metal sheets

Product specifications:

Product number Dimensions(mm) Package
AF013-20325 3.2 5 pack
AF013-2040 4 single pack
AF013-2050 5 single pack
AF013-2058 5.8 single pack
AF013-2060 6 single pack
AF013-2065 6.5 single pack
AF013-2074 7.4 single pack
AF013-2080 8 single pack
AF013-2095 9.5 single pack
AF013-2127 12.7 single pack

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