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Submersible water pump (EBPS80)

Submersible water pump (EBPS80)

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  • Submersible pump (submersible pump, submersible motor, pumping motor, general drainage pump)
  • Full plastic steel exterior, no rust or water produced
  • Lightweight design and high maneuverability
  • Ultra-low water inlet, only 3mm of residual water remains
  • Anti-UV plastic steel material, can be used in outdoor exposure environment for a long time
  • Plug in the PIN power cord, effectively isolate water vapor and easy to replace
  • Can be used with drilling machines or independently used for water pumping operations such as gardening, fish tank water changes, and water accumulation.
  • Powerful motor for high-load line equipment, automatic power-off device for low water level and overheating
  • Ball bearing design, durable during high-speed operation
  • Mechanical shaft seal, shockproof, and protective cover protect the wire device and prevent it from being immersed in water when placed under water.
  • Made in Taiwan

Application scope:

  • Multifunctional application in horticulture (non-24-hour continuous operation)
  • Gardening and farming irrigation
  • Wastewater discharge from small cesspools (tanks)
  • Temporary wastewater or stagnant water discharge after rain
  • A good helper for water tower cleaning
  • Fish tank water change and cleaning
  • Cleaning of automobiles and motorcycles

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