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Tire decontamination maintenance agent (DJ-B023540-42030)

Tire decontamination maintenance agent (DJ-B023540-42030)

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ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD. is an original tire stain removal and maintenance agent imported from Japan. It does not stick to your hands and does not require wiping or washing with water. It can be easily cleaned, polished and protected by just spraying .

  • Spray it directly on the dirty tires and quickly penetrate the tire rubber surface. The foam will decompose into water and the stains will flow down with the water flow, thereby removing the dirt on the tire surface and restoring the original black and dark luster.
  • No need to wipe or wash with water, just spray on tires to clean, shine and protect
  • Contains anti-UV protection ingredients to prevent tire aging and deterioration caused by ozone and UV rays

Tire cleaning, shine and UV protection 

Content volume: 420ml

Origin: Japan

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