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3-in-1 screwdriver magnetizer + demagnetizer + magnetic screw holder (FM001004)

3-in-1 screwdriver magnetizer + demagnetizer + magnetic screw holder (FM001004)

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feature of product:

  • Three-in-one functions of magnetizing, degaussing and magnetic screw suction
  • Instantly magnetized, the magnetism increases and the screws will not fall off
  • Can be quickly demagnetized
  • NdFeB powerful magnet, the strongest permanent magnet, the magnetic attraction will never fade away
  • You can choose to demagnetize or magnetize the screwdriver head according to your personal work needs.
  • The screwdriver magnetizer pushes the front end of the screwdriver head and can also be used as a magnetic screw holder to prevent the screws from falling out.

Instructions for use:

  • Magnetization: Put the magnetizer into a hexagonal handle screwdriver or driver head. The driver head will instantly become magnetic and can surely attract the screws and the screws will not fall out.
  • Degaussing: Rub the screwdriver or screwdriver head against the degaussing device on both sides of the outer ring of the magnet end to degauss.

Be applicable:

  • 1/4"(6.35mm) hexagonal handle screwdriver and bit

product material:

  • Body: nylon
  • Magnet: NdFeB


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  • Taiwan
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