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5-stage multi-purpose water spray gun (JG-HN-P05)

5-stage multi-purpose water spray gun (JG-HN-P05)

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  • Taiwan-made 5-stage water spray gun (sprinkler, sprinkler gun, car washing, flower watering, home cleaning)
  • 5-stage water spray function: conical water spray, horizontal water spray, direct water spray, lotus water spray, large water flow shape
  • The handle controls whether to spray water or not, making it super easy to operate.
  • Put the continuous water outlet ring against the top of the handle head, which has a fixed water outlet function. You don’t have to keep pressing the water gun switch, and it can also spray water automatically, which is easy and easy to operate.
  • The sprinkler head is made of ABS and PP to enhance its service life.
  • The grip adopts anti-slip design, ergonomic design, comfortable and durable
  • Suitable for gardening and garden sprinkling, car/motorcycle cleaning and maintenance, home cleaning, etc.

Product Features:

  • With three-section joint
  • Suitable for faucet water pipes with 4-6 points of water pipes, connected and ready to use
  • The maximum operating pressure is below 60 PSI


  • Taiwan

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