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JIP117 electronic parts cleaner (DJ-0117-42024)

JIP117 electronic parts cleaner (DJ-0117-42024)

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ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD. JIP117 electronic parts cleaner, quick-drying type, has little effect on various resins and rubbers, and is super effective at degreasing and cleaning electronic parts.

feature of product:

  • Japan's original JIP117 electronic parts cleaner can clean electronic parts wiring base plates.
  • Electronic component cleaning agent can clean and remove carbon and grease from electronic contacts.
  • Electronic parts cleaners are chemical cleaners with low toxicity.
  • Electronic contact cleaner, quick-drying type, has minimal impact on various resins and rubbers.
  • Suitable for cleaning electric lamps, electronic machinery, precision machinery, general machinery and parts .


  • Clean various machine wiring boards
  • Clean the relay contacts of various machines and restore contact functions
  • Clean pin jacks, volume connectors, etc.
  • Degreasing and cleaning metal parts, etc.


  • Operating temperature range: normal temperature

Product specifications:

  • Content volume: 420ml


  • When spraying, keep the distance from the target object about 20 cm
  • Before applying power, wipe the parts with a cloth to dry and make sure the air is dry
  • Exhaust the solvent vapor and then turn on the electricity. It can also be used for contact cleaning. It has little effect on rubber and plastic, but please do not overdose.


JIP117 electronic parts cleaner is flammable, please do not use it when the power is on.

Do not use too much electronic parts cleaner on rubber, plastic, or painted surfaces.

This product cannot be used with certain materials, such as PS, PC and PPO.

Please stay away from fire sources or high temperature places.

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