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JIP119 metal mold cleaner (DJ-0119-50024)

JIP119 metal mold cleaner (DJ-0119-50024)

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JIP119 metal mold cleaner (mold cleaner/mold cleaning degreasing agent/mold cleaning agent/mold descaler), a cleaning agent that removes dirt from metal molds and can remove residual rust inhibitors and other residues adhering to metal molds. Grease and wax buildup.

Product Features:

  • JIP119 metal mold cleaner is a product specially developed for cleaning metal molds
  • Can easily remove cutting oil, cutting powder, etc. when making metal molds
  • Can easily remove anti-rust oil, wax anti-rust agents, etc. used when storing metal molds
  • It is a chemical detergent with low toxicity
  • It has strong cleaning power and quick-drying properties, which helps improve work efficiency.
  • Original imported from Japan Co., Ltd. ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.

Scope of application:

  • Clean cutting oil, chip powder, etc. used in making metal molds
  • Remove rust inhibitor or oil stains from metal molds
  • Remove oil stains on mechanical equipment and parts




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