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JIP179 metal blackening agent (DJ-0179-42024)

JIP179 metal blackening agent (DJ-0179-42024)

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JIP179 metal blackening agent is a high-efficiency blackening colorant, specially designed for blackening various metal products or materials, such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and plastic. Originally imported from Japan's ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD., the black dye combines excellent performance and multi-functional features to ensure that your products achieve the best visual effects and protection.


Fast drying speed: JIP179 metal blackening agent has an extremely fast drying speed and maintains excellent adhesion, ensuring that the blackening effect is immediate.

Water Resistance: JIP179 metal black dye has excellent water resistance, ensuring your products maintain a long-lasting black coloration and are protected from moisture damage, even in humid environments.

Oil resistance: JIP179 metal blackening agent is not easily soluble in oil films and is suitable for applications that require contact with grease.

Wear resistance: This black dye shows excellent wear resistance and is not easily abraded or scratched. Even if metal collides with metal, it is not easy to peel off.

Ultra-thin coating: JIP179 metal blackening agent only forms an extremely thin film, maintaining the texture of the original material and does not affect the size or texture of the product.

Anti-rust function: This black dye also has anti-rust properties, ensuring that your metal products remain intact for a long time and extend their service life.

Low-gloss dark black: JIP179 metal black dye presents a low-gloss dark black, bringing a unique visual effect to your products, adding a sense of luxury and beauty.

In short, JIP179 metal blackening agent is a high-quality blackening product suitable for many application fields. It is an indispensable choice whether in industrial production, making exquisite handicrafts, or protecting metal surfaces from environmental influences. It brings a long-lasting black effect to your products while providing superior protection and visual beauty.

Be applicable:

  • Black coating of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals
  • Black coating of polyacetal resin (Polyacetal plastic steel) and ABS resin
  • Partial repair of black products or small parts

Product performance:

  • Dry to touch: 2 - 3 minutes
  • Hardening and drying: about 20 minutes
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 15℃ (continuous use 100℃)
  • Coating area: 1.5m²
  • Operating temperature range: normal temperature


  • Before painting plastic, please test it to see if the plastic will be corroded.
  • Thoroughly remove grease and clean the material to be dyed black before use
  • Please shake well before spraying. When spraying, keep it about 20-30cm away from the object to be coated, and spray evenly. Please divide it into 2-3 times and spray it in batches. Do not spray it very thickly at one time to obtain the best blackening effect.
  • The spray will dry within a few minutes, please proceed to the next step after it is fully dry.

Product specifications:

  • 420ml


  • Made in Japan


JIP179 metal blackening agent is an ultra-fine particle blackening colorant, not a black spray paint~

It is flammable, please use it outdoors or in a place with good air circulation.

Please test whether the rubber spray will be corroded first.

Please stay away from fire sources or high temperature places.

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