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JIP188 grease for food machinery (DJ-0188-30024)

JIP188 grease for food machinery (DJ-0188-30024)

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ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD. JIP188 grease for food machinery. The lubricant raw materials comply with the NSF H1 specification of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have excellent water resistance, oxidation stability, and mechanical stability. Grease spray for food machinery using white grease spray.

feature of product:

  • JIP188 Grease for food machinery. Grease spray for food machinery. White grease spray with excellent water resistance, oxidation stability, and mechanical stability.
  • Lubricant for food machinery is used in parts that may have incidental contact with food.
  • Food-grade lubricating oil has excellent oxidation stability and long-lasting lubrication effect.


  • Used for lubrication of chains or hinged parts of food machinery
  • Filling machinery for fish and meat processing machinery and alcoholic beverages


Pilot projects experiment method test results
consistency JIS K 2220 365
Dropping Point JIS K 2220 217℃
oil separation JIS K 2220 10.2wt%
Low temperature torque test JIS K 2220 20℃ Starting torque
Rotary torque
20℃ Starting torque
Rotary torque
Four-ball shell test ASTM D 2596 Maximum non-sticking 1236N
Melted with load 3090N
Load wear index 578N
Soda Four Ball Test JIS K 2519 Qualified limit load 0.441Mpa
Average wear marks 0.79mm


Pilot projects test results
Material test lead Below 1ppm
cadmium Below 1ppm
Dissolution test heavy metal 1ppm or less (as Pb)
Potassium permanganate consumption 0.5ppm or less

Product specifications:

  • Content volume 300ml

NSF H1 certification number:

  • NO.144729

What is NSF?

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is a non-profit third-party organization in the United States. It adheres to the previous USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certification process and certifies the safety of chemicals used at food processing sites (H1 and 3H are also included in its certification).

  • NSF H1: H1 is a benchmark for lubricants used in mechanical parts that may occasionally come into contact with food.
    Lubricants should not come into direct contact with food, but safety will not be affected if mixed with food.

● Please shake well before use.
● Keep a spraying distance of 5-15cm from the object being sprayed. If the spray reaches a location other than the object, please wipe it clean with a cloth as soon as possible.

● JIP188 grease for food machinery is flammable, please keep away from fire sources or high temperatures.
● Do not use it upside down.
● It will form stains on clothes .

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