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JIP590 metal dyed black pen (DJ-0590-03006)

JIP590 metal dyed black pen (DJ-0590-03006)

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  • JIP590 metal dye black pen, black repair paint in the form of correction pen
  • The pen-type black dye can be easily repaired by drawing it on the peeling area.
  • Forms a beautiful matte black film
  • Uses special epoxy resin with excellent oil resistance
  • Good fit and not easy to peel off when metal hits metal

Product Usage:

  • Used to repair peeling parts of black dyed products
  • Suitable for black coating of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals (cannot be used for plastic, rubber and other products)


  • Dry to the touch: 2~3 minutes
  • Hardening and drying: about 20 minutes
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 150℃ (continuous use 100℃)
  • Coating area: 1.5-2m 2
  • Operating temperature range: normal temperature

Product specifications:

  • Content volume: 30ml

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