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JIP659 oil leakage detection fluid (DJ-0659-15012)

JIP659 oil leakage detection fluid (DJ-0659-15012)

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JIP659 oil leakage detection fluid can easily detect oil leakage. It only needs to be applied externally and will not stain the inside.

feature of product:

  • JIP659 Oil Leak Check Fluid
  • Oil leaks can be easily detected through the white coating film
  • It can suck out liquids and perform inspections without pressurization.
  • Only the outside is coated and the inside will not be stained
  • Can be cleaned by washing after inspection
  • Original imported from Japan Co., Ltd. ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.

Scope of application:

  • Detect oil leakage from welded parts and joints of various oil piping (also applicable to rubber pipes)
  • Found oil leakage in welded parts and joint parts of various oil tanks
  • Detect oil leakage from the fuel tank joints and brake hose piping parts of automobiles, etc.


  • Appearance (after drying): white powder coating
  • Operating temperature range: 0-50℃



  • 150ml

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