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NX483 automotive repair anti-collision primer-black (DJ-0483-42024)

NX483 automotive repair anti-collision primer-black (DJ-0483-42024)

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NX483 automotive repair and anti-collision primer imported from ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD., Japan.

  • Anti-collision primer with rubber-flexible granular coating
  • Can be recoated with other paints after drying
  • Excellent adhesion, water resistance, rust resistance and impact resistance


Prevents scratches and damage to the car's front fenders, side skirts, door sills and other suspension devices caused by the impact of flying stones while driving.

Technical data:
Drying time for 1 application (normal temperature) Dry to touch: 20 minutes
Curing and drying: 1~2 hours
Coating area 1~1.5m 2
Paint Can


Internal capacity:

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