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NX62 brake and parts cleaner (DJ-0062-50024)

NX62 brake and parts cleaner (DJ-0062-50024)

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Originally imported from Japan's ICHINEN CHEMICALS company, this quick-drying brake and parts cleaner is a powerful metal degreasing cleaner that can quickly and safely clean disc brakes, drum brakes, brake calipers and other brake parts. It has excellent cleaning properties. Effect. Brake cleaner (brake disc cleaner) can be sprayed upside down. It has low toxicity and is not corrosive to metal. It can be safely used on brake pads, disc brake pads and brake drums. It can quickly clean metal parts, metal molds, Oil stains, grease and dirt on precision machinery, etc.

feature of product:

  • Quick drying, excellent cleaning effect, low toxicity chemical detergent
  • Can quickly remove oil stains, grease and dirt from metal parts, metal molds, precision machines, etc.
  • Remove grease and dirt from gears, bearings, etc.
  • Not corrosive to metals

Be applicable:

  • Clean grease and dirt from metal parts, metal molds, tools, etc.
  • Remove grease dirt from gearboxes, bearings, etc.
  • Remove oil stains from hydraulic machines, cylinders, etc., remove oil stains with strips, and clean precision machines
  • Clean brake pads (disc and drum), wheel cylinders, clutch discs, pressure plates, springs and other metal parts


Content volume: 500ml

Origin: Japan

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