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NX82 600 degree heat-resistant silver heat-resistant paint (DJ-0082-30024)

NX82 600 degree heat-resistant silver heat-resistant paint (DJ-0082-30024)

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  • Japan Co., Ltd. ICHINEN CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. original imported NX82 heat-resistant silver heat-resistant paint heat-resistant paint, heat-resistant temperature 600℃
  • Heat-resistant silver heat-resistant paint has less discoloration and will not peel off due to the thermal shock of cold water even at 600 ° C.
  • High temperature resistant coatings can prevent corrosion such as salt damage
  • Heat-resistant silver thermal paint When the heat-resistant paint film dries, it is heated to form a conformable hardened film.

Product Usage:

  • Used for steam pipes and other parts that require heat resistance
  • Used in chimneys, boilers and other equipment
  • Silencer box for generators etc.
  • Suitable for spraying of automobile and motorcycle exhaust pipes


Dry to the touch 15~20 minutes
Harden and dry Varies depending on heating conditions
heat resistance temperature 600 ° C
Coating area 0.6 ~ 0.7m 2

internal volume:

  • 300ml


  • High-temperature resistant paint/heat-resistant paint generally refers to special functional paint that can withstand temperatures above 200 ° C for a long time and maintain certain physical and chemical properties so that the protected object can function normally in a high-temperature environment.
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