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SDS plus four grooves and four edges cement drill bit (AAC16040)

SDS plus four grooves and four edges cement drill bit (AAC16040)

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SDS made in Taiwan Plus four-groove, four-edge cement drill bit and high-strength four-edge alloy bit improve drilling capabilities and efficiency. The four-groove cross-blade cement drill tail can achieve excellent drilling performance when drilling holes in bricks, cement concrete, and gypsum boards. It works well when paired with a force-free 4-groove hammer drill, and the construction is fast and labor-saving.

feature of product:

  • Made of German super-hard tungsten steel and made of high-heat copper rods, it is tough and durable
  • The four-groove power-free hammer drill uses a cement drill bit to drill the tail, which is impact-resistant and has low wear rate.
  • Special thread design, fast mud discharge and fast drilling speed
  • Cross-blade tungsten steel drill bit, precise hole diameter, no deviation in drilling, and improved hole entry speed
  • Suitable for use with the power-free 4-groove hammer drill, saving time and effort during construction
  • Four-edge design of alloy cutter head improves drilling ability and efficiency
  • 400mm length, suitable for use with 6-minute labor-saving hammer drill, reducing resistance and increasing service life

Product Features:

Product number diameter total length
AAC06511 6.5 110
AAC06516 6.5 160
AAC08016 8 160
AAC09516 9.5 160
AAC09540 9.5 400
AAC10016 10 160
AAC11016 11 160
AAC12716 12.7 160
AAC12740 12.7 400
AAC13040 13 400
AAC14316 14.3 160
AAC16020 16 200
AAC16040 16 400
AAC19040 19 400
AAC19520 19.5 200
AAC22025 twenty two 250
AAC22040 twenty two 400
AAC25025 25 250
AAC25040 25 400
AAC28025 28 250
AAC28040 28 400
AAC32040 32 400
AAC35040 35 460


  • Taiwan
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